Using WordPerfect to Edit InfoCentral Macros
(Download all this stuff from here.)
    I have a special Macros toolbar I use in WordPerfect, which has links to a number of simple PerfectScript macros which make it easier to edit WordPerfect and InfoCentral macros. There's also a template for InfoCentral macros with a header, set to Courier (fixed pitch font) 10 pitch, with line numbering turned on. The files included are in the "WordPerfect" subdirectory and are:

1.   All the InfoCentral macros, plus others, in WordPerfect format. (For example, "EMail.mac" is here as "EMail.mac.wpd", with bookmarks, hyperlinks, and redlined comments). Much easier to edit this way.

2.   ICComment.wcm, a macro which comments selected text by adding a single quote and a space before each line, or unquotes it by removing the single quote and space.

3.   ICHyper.wcm, which creates a hyperlink from the selected text. So if you want to GOTO End to to to the label "End:", select the word "End" and click on the icon for ICHyper, and it creates a hyperlink to the bookmark "End."

3.    BookmarkCreate.wcm, which creates a bookmark from the selected text. In the above example, from the label "End:" you would select the word "End" and click on BookmarkCreate, which creates the bookmark "End".

4.   ICMacroDeTab.wcm removes two spaces from the beginning of each line in the selected block.

5.   ICMacroTab adds two spaces to the beginning of each line in the selected block.

6.   ICMCommands.wcm opens the InfoCentral Macro Commands reference.

7.   ICMFunctionss.wcm opens the InfoCentral Macro Functions reference.

8.   ICMDelimited.wcm opens the InfoCentral Macro Delimited Strings reference.

9.   ICMManual.wcm opens the InfoCentral Macros Manual.

10.   ICMacro.wpt is a template for InfoCentral macros.

11.   MAKDefault.wpt is my default template, containing my toolbar, my Directories toolbar, and my Macros toolbar.

(Download all this stuff from here.)

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